TENGRI is a leading developer of  technology for enabling BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) missions for industrial unmanned aerial vehicles. The TENGRI unmanned vehicle hub computer (UvHc) enables UAV builders and operators to quickly integrate best in class payloads, sensors, power, comms, and flight controllers on-board the UAV and also build custom ground control stations to execute BVLOS missions. TENGRI technology provides the highest situational awareness, precision controls and monitoring for safely executing BVLOS missions. Push the boundaries of mission capabilities with TENGRI for greater precision, range, control, and safety.

The TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer (UvHc) is the most powerful integration device available for industrial unmanned aerial vehicles. Integrate Ardupilot / PX4 autopilots, communications, sensors / payloads, and ground control devices quickly and seamlessly with TENGRI. UAV builders and operators can now quickly develop and deploy custom integrated UAV platforms while significantly reducing integration costs. 

TENGRI UAV Pte Ltd recognised as one of the best aerospace startup companies in Singapore.  Beststartup.asia

TENGRI UAV Innovation Centers

Tengri is establishing UAV Innovation Centers around the world to educate, train, and deploy Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) technologies with local country partners. We partner with local UAV manufacturers, operators, telco’s, drone training schools, universities, or state entities interested in developing cutting edge BVLOS technologies and applications using TENGRI technology. Please contact us at [email protected] to explore a potential partnership.