The TENGRI Unmanned Vehicle Hub Computer (UvHc)  can be used on the Air side only, Ground only, Air + Ground, or Air + Relay + Ground.  The UvHc is universal, any unit can be use in either of these configurations.

AIR ONLY applications
-Multiple camera support (4 analog, 1 HDMI)  / PiP displays (4 PiP’s)
-Primary HUD for precision manual operations
-Custom (Direct) payload control
    Other required components:
    RC transmitter for control
    3rd party HD video broadcast with HDMI output from TENGRI
GROUND ONLY applications
-Upgrade RC controller into Mavlink based controller
-Use gaming / other USB controllers for UAV control
-Develop custom ground control station with joysticks, switches, & controls
-Enable dual/multiple operator control  (UAV + Payload) with multiple devices connected to TENGRI Ground based unit
   Other required components:
   RC transmitter (optional)
   USB gaming / other controllers
   HDMI display device
   RFD radio modems (set)
AIR + GROUND applications
All the above +
– Complete C2 (command & control) plus HD video downlink
– Multiple HD video broadcasts (2.4 / 5Hgz)
– Use Off the shelf usb wifi antennas for long range video broadcasts
   Other required components:
   USB wifi antennas