Tengri Support

Tengri products are designed  for ease of use to be Plug & Play. If you are however having difficulty with the setup for any reason, please contact the technical support team  at support@tengriuav.com for further assistance. Tengri support is available 24 x 7 x 365 and will generally respond within an hour and at most within 10 hours. We take pride in providing some of the best support to be found in our industry. 
Firmware updates are sent by Tengri Technical Support direct to registered users. Contact technical support at support@tengriuav.com if you need any assistance or require the latest firmware files.
The current version of the TENGRI firmware is version 1.074.1 released in September 2021. The latest firmware enhances the capability of the TENGRI to handover control to another TENGRI ground control station (even to multiple operators) while on mission which useful in BLVOS long range delivery missions , industrial inspections, and surveillance / search & rescue missions.
To update  firmware, insert the latest copy of the firmware on an SD card or USB drive into the TENGRI unit and select the file from the update configuration menu and click on ‘UPDATE’ icon.