With the TENGRI Unmanned vehicle hub computer and its cutting edge Fusion firmware, we are excited to be able to provide state-of-the-art Mavlink based Ground Control Station DiY kits for just USD1000

The TENGRI GCS units are modular and easy to assemble and can be readily customised.

The GCS kit includes:


1x TENGRI Switch Hub (for connecting controls)

32x Lighted switches (8x blue, 8x green, 8x yellow, 8x red)

5x Sliders for axis controls

Unlimited free online technical support for build assistance from TENGRI

Other hardware requirements:

Hard case for ground station (Nanuk 920 recommended)

LCD monitor with HDMI input (Laptop displays recommended)

USB Hub(s)

Joystick / Gimbal control(s)

3s (12.5V) power source 

These GCS units enable unrivalled precision piloting, payload control, safety, and situational awareness for industrial and commercial users.

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Weight 300 g