The TENGRi Unmanned vehicle HUB computer (UvHc) provides Ardupilot and PX4 based UAV builders and operators a device for integrating flight controllers, sensors, payloads, navigation, video, communications, and control devices into a single unified platform using popular components.

The UvHc is  powered by an NXP iMX6 Quad processor with a highly stable and reliable linux operating system on which the TENGRI Fusion firmware runs. No Android updates or crashes, just industrial grade reliability.

Integrate and deploy best-in-class air, ground, and cloud components with the TENGRi Fusion firmware that supports popular hardware manufacturers and standards.

What is it used for

Build a custom Mavlink based ground station in less than an hour
of any form factor using your preferred controls / displays

Connect multiple camera’s and / or payloads on the UAV for integrated
Video, telemetry, and control

Broadcast HD video between two Tengri units using off the shelf
USB wifi adapters (range dependent on antenna’s – up to 10km)

Deploy multiple ground receivers to support collaborative mission teams

*New: relay video between UAV’s and ground control receivers with
a video relay UAV or ground based relay station.

Enable single operator missions with multiple joysticks / controls
for payloads on ground controller

Key Features

Works with all Ardupilot and PX4 based flight controllers.

Quick plug & play installation. Configured via RC transmitter controls or USB keyboard – no laptop or mobile device required.

Integrates with most popular devices such as Futaba / Frsky RC transmitters, RFD telemetry radios, HDMI cameras, FPV analog cameras, Connex HD video transmission, off-the-shelf USB wifi adapters/antennas for DIY HD broadcasting, game controllers / joysticks, and much more. New integrations are being added continuously.

Hardware connectivity via USB, Serial/UART, HDMI, Composite analog camera input, and Canbus. USB Hub connectivity is supported for connecting multiple devices.

Software / firmware connectivity via Mavlink, UAVCAN, TCP/IP, UDP, TENGRi_Broadcast.

Develop an integrated professional system highly customised to your specific requirements and UAV’s.

Upgradeable and expandable to support new devices, protocols, and standards.


1x TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer
1x Serial connection for Pixhawk 1 generation flight controllers
1x Serial connection for Cube, Holybro, DROTEK flight controllers
1x Serial connection for CUAV flight controllers1x Canbus connector



HARMONISED CUSTOMS TARIFF CODE  8471 50 00 90 (Computer Base Unit / System Box) 


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