Firmware 1.074.2 Released

8th Sept 2021 – What’s new in v1.074.2:

  • Automatically detects if the TENGRI unit is being used as a ground unit or air unit. If control inputs are not connected to the TENGRI, the unit defaults to AIR mode and will not broadcast control telemetry to the flight controller.
  • Enhanced firmware for developing very powerful ground control stations using off-the-shelf or custom control components.
  • Ability to rename control inputs (ie joysticks) with custom names (ie Gimbal controller, primary joystick, etc)
  • Ability to create custom ‘ACTION’ names (ie Instructor Throttle, Pilot Throttle, etc)
  • Ability disable manual control and handover control to another TENGRI ground control GCS either locally or remotely.

It takes just 3 easy steps to create a ground control station with the TENGRI

1) Connect a control device such as a gaming controller, simulator joystick, etc to a TENGRI USB port (preferably a USB Hub connected to the TENGRI).

2) Check the DEVICES menu on the TENGRI to ensure all buttons / switches / axis are working correctly.

3) In the ACTIONS menu, assign the control input (ie joystick button) to a command (ie Stabilize flight mode). There are hundreds of UAV, payload, and sensor commands integrated with the TENGRI.

When mapping a command first ‘UNLOCK’ the action and when completed ‘LOCK’ the action. After locking the action even if the control device is disconnected from the TENGRI and re-connected to the same USB port, the TENGRI will retain all the control mapping information.  Up to 128 control devices can be connected to as single TENGRI unit concurrently.

* The TENGRI needs to be connected to a flight controller while ACTIONS are being mapped.

Contact TENGRI support at for assistance.