11 October 2021 – What’s new in v2.0.0

The TENGRI now has tremendous flexibility to build a huge range of ground control options ranging from enhancing a simple RC transmitter (the original TENGRI and firmware release) to building entire mobile UAV command centers supporting multiple users, digital mesh networks, and a massive range of control devices. Use a low cost gaming controller like a Sony PS4 with your TENGRI or aircraft grade simulator controls depending on your mission requirements. Use two control devices concurrently for student / instructor, pilot / payload operator configurations or even multiple distributed operator configurations for BVLOS, Search & Rescue missions, etc. What’s more, TENGRI now incorporates integrated payload controls supporting some of the most sophisticated gimbal / camera systems, specialised sensors, and other devices – saving setup time and even enhancing the capability of payloads and sensors.

Contact TENGRI support at support@tengriuav.com for assistance.