The TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer (UvHc) is the most powerful integration device available for industrial unmanned aerial vehicles. Integrate Ardupilot / PX4 autopilots, communications, sensors / payloads, and ground control devices quickly and seamlessly with TENGRI. UAV builders and operators can now quickly develop and deploy custom integrated UAV platforms while significantly reducing integration costs. 

Custom Ground control station developed with Saitek x-56 joystick. Connect up to 128 control devices to a single TENGRI. Develop simple single operator controls to multi-operator mobile command centers with the TENGRI.

With support for intuitive controls, integrated payload commands, and dual operator configurations – pilot / sensor operator training and proficiency with a TENGRI based GCS is much quicker than RC control or traditional GCS setups. Train and deploy pilots and sensors operators much quicker into the field and operate with higher levels of proficiency, precision, and safety.

TENGRI UAV Pte Ltd recognised as one of the best aerospace startup companies in Singapore.