Tengri is about the next generation of professional UAV control for commercial and industrial markets. Our passion is to empower UAV operators to deploy UAV’s with an unprecedented level of control opening new markets and opportunities for UAV applications. 

The Tengri platform provides cutting edge technology encompassing high performance hardware, firmware, and software developed for UAV control and reliability. The Tengri platform has also been developed to give UAV builders, developers, and operators the freedom to experiment and innovate in building state of the art UAV’s. Tengri works with leading edge open source flight controllers and technology from an astonishing array of leading manufacturers and suppliers. 

Most importantly the Tengri platform (known as TENGRI AIR), brings the power of artificial intelligence to industrial and commercial UAV’s to provide powerful high impact solutions across many industries.

Tengri powered UAV’s are operated in over 30 countries around the globe and in many cases enabling UAV operators to conduct missions that were not possible earlier.


20th March 2019. Tengri UAV Pte Ltd has announced support for the new Google 
Coral USB Accelerator accessory containing a Google EDGE TPU (Tensorflow
Processing Unit). This device will enable the deployment of fast Machine Learning
Inference on the EDGE (real-time UAV processing without requiring access to server
resources) which is an exciting development in the UAV industry. The Coral USB
Accelerator can simply be plugged into the Tengri Remote Cockpit companion
computer on the UAV and run the relevant ML model from the Tengri Remote Cockpit.
This will provide powerful real-time ML capability for navigation, objection
detection, objection avoidance, surveillance, and hundreds of new applications.
The on-board Google Coral Accelerator will have real-time access to the five
camera feeds and any sensor connected to the Tengri Remote Cockpit and create an
exciting new world of opportunities for UAV operations.