Empowering the Industrial UAV revolution

Tengri is enabling industrial UAV’s to operate with greater autonomy and capabilities to generate significant benefits for UAV operators and businesses. From using off-the-shelf hardware for long-range communications to on-board artificial intelligence applications, the Tengri platform makes it possible with plug and play ease.

The Tengri Remote Cockpit on-board companion computer and Ground Control computer keep growing in functionality to expand the capabilities of industrial UAV’s. Tengri communications firmware running on these units is unique in their ability to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) wifi and 4G hardware to achieve long-range data and video communications without the need for expensive proprietary communications hardware.

This powerful and user friendly on-board computer is empowering UAV operators to execute missions that were not possible before creating new opportunities while lowering costs and improving safety.

From reliable/long range communications, integrating new engines, payloads & sensors, powerful AI capabilities, and Cloud connected services : the Tengri Remote Cockpit makes it all possible with plug and play ease.

Tengri powered UAV’s are operated in over 30 countries around the globe for surveillance,  inspections, agriculture, fire rescue, mining surveys, and a host of other industrial applications. Most Tengri customers today will not fly without their Tengri units after using its capabilities.

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