New firmware update feature : TENGRI now enables UAV developers and operators to create and integrate multiple mavlink networks empowering powerful new integration capabilities in the air or on the ground. Integrate multiple mavlink payloads on-board (ie multiple gimbals), integrate multiple mavlink based ground control devices, or create multiple networks for UAV fleet control.

The TENGRI Unmanned vehicle Hub computer (UvHc) is the most powerful integration device available for industrial unmanned aerial vehicles. Integrate Ardupilot / PX4 autopilots, communications, sensors / payloads, and ground control devices quickly and seamlessly with TENGRI. UAV builders and operators can now quickly develop and deploy custom integrated UAV platforms while significantly reducing integration costs. 

TENGRI is enabling UAV builders and operators to quickly integrate best in class payloads, sensors, power, comms, flight controllers, and controls. TENGRI integrations provide the highest precision controls and monitoring of connected devices. Push the boundaries of mission capabilities with TENGRI for greater precision, range, and safety.

TENGRI UAV Pte Ltd recognised as one of the best aerospace startup companies in Singapore.